Hoping nobody gets lost in the move!

Scary site migration is complete!

I decided to move Dressage Perspectives over to a self hosted WordPress site and, being the stubborn skinflint that I am, I opted not to pay for an assisted migration. I have been working through the process over a few days. There might have been a little stress, strong coffee and the occasional strong language involved! This is a reflection on my tech skills rather than any fault of the WordPress sites involved.

I love many of the features of the WordPress.com site and will be sorry to lose them but I know that in the long run the move will make sense. This site is very new and I really want it to grow and develop into a media rich information resource for dressage enthusiasts everywhere. It will always be centred around a blog but, as it develops, I know I will need the features that WordPress.org can offer me.

Later on today I will be shutting down the dressageperspectives.wordpress.com site completely. The lovely support people have emailed to say that they have migrated my followers over to the new site. I’m trusting that they didn’t lose anyone along the way! If you have been following and find that the site vanishes then you can find it from now on at  http://www.dressageperspectives.com

Thank you to everyone who has read, liked, commented on and followed my posts over the past couple of weeks; it has been a great introduction to blogging and I am very excited to see where I can go from here.


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