Featured Riders

Very soon we will be publishing the first articles in our Featured Riders section!

Dressage Perspectives was inspired by a desire to be positive, to celebrate good riding, good things and good people. Our Featured Riders will have varying levels of fame, will be at vastly different career stages, and will be from a wide range of equestrian backgrounds. What unites these riders is passion for what they do and the principles they have chosen to embrace. Celebrating success is easy but that is only the tip of a very interesting iceberg!

The dressage industry, viewed from the outside, appears highly aspirational and elitist. From the inside it is a different view. We all must work hard, face fear, confront our egos, suffer highs and lows, love our horses and try to do right by them. Every rider has a unique journey and this part of the website is dedicated to telling some of those stories.

Please note that Dressage Perspectives does not represent riders on a commercial basis.